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Hidden Opportunity: Is Your Zip Code on the New California Solar Incentive List?

If you pay more than $99/month for electricity, your zip code may just qualify for this program.

Smart homeowners in California are using a tax incentivized solar program that literally "pays you" to go solar in exclusive zip codes. Has your zip code been selected?


California is changing the way smart homeowners handle their energy requirements. A tax-incentivized solar programme offers  the possibility to participate in the solar revolution at no expense up front, despite the fact that government financing is running out. There's a catch, though: only specific zip codes are eligible. Which one is yours?

Power firms are fighting an uphill battle against special government savings programmes that they have no chance of winning as the dispute heats up. The California Solar Incentives, which provide free installation for solar power projects, are the focal point of the controversy. Their goal is to encourage homes to switch to renewable energy sources.

The days of solar panels being just a green fashion accessory are long gone. Thanks to these significant state and federal incentives, they now constitute a wise financial decision.The complete cost of a solar installation may be covered by thousands in rebates and compensation if you reside in the appropriate zip code. Does your zip code have the key to avail these perks?


Many homeowners are surprised to find that, after rebates and solar incentives, installing solar panels on their home can be done for free.

By simply entering your address including the zip code below, you can see the solar incentives available to you, potentially slashing your power costs by up to 90% annually.

Are You Among the Chosen?

The landscape of solar energy has shifted dramatically, making solar panels more accessible than ever. Thanks to plummeting costs and soaring rebates, homeowners in select zip codes can now transition to solar without upfront investments. The question on everyone's mind: Is my home eligible?

Want To See If Your Eligible?  Here’s How...

Step 1: Is your home a hidden gem for savings? Certain zip codes qualify. Discover yours.

Step 2: Don't miss out. Confirm your eligibility and uncover potential savings in just 2 minutes.

The opportunity is real, but it won't wait forever. With government funding on the brink of expiration, the time to act is now. Could your zip code be your ticket to joining the solar revolution? There's only one way to find out.


California Power Payback Program

Enter Your Address to Check Incentives in Your Area.
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